In October 2016, after Typhoon Lawin swept thru the Philippines, I had multiple close friends whose families were massively impacted by the storm. I knew that I personally was feeling called to do something to help the people who were suffering, and saw it as a perfect opportunity for Mountain Movers to do a disaster relief project. On October 30, I got on a bus and traveled to Lauog City, as that is where I believed to be affected the most. After spending two days there, I found that there was very little damage and they really didn’t need my help. All of the locals were telling me to go to Tuguegarao, so I rode a bus for 8 more hours to Tuguegarao City. As an American who had only been in the Philippines for a few months and never left Manila, this was quite nerve-wracking, but of course the Lord gave me peace knowing his protective hand was over me. As I reached my destination I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. No power, houses totally collapsed, gas stations collapsed, electric poles in the road. As I arrived I immediately started going around the city to assess the damage and find out where we could be most affective with our help. I was able to speak with the mayor of the city and he assigned me a social worker to take me around and explain the circumstances to me. After being connected with a local church and meeting their pastor, he was able to bring me to some of the members’ homes, and after meeting one specific family, I knew God was telling me to help them. This was a family of farmers, 2 young children, their parents, and 86 year old grandma. Their crops were destroyed and so was their house. Their roof was totally ripped off of their house as if there was never any roof. At this time it was still raining and cold, and the family was sleeping under a piece of plywood for shelter. All of them were sick with colds, yet the faith that they had was astounding. They kept telling me “the Lord will provide”. So Mountain Movers was able to provide this family with enough sheet metal, nails, and wood to build a brand new roof for their family. I was able to go with them to buy the materials and help them start the project. This family was so grateful that their prayers had been answered, and I truly believe that this was totally the work of God.